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Illustrator Boot Camp 2013: Character Building With Rachael Cole

Originally Posted: September 2013

by Kristy Caldwell

Every story has characters, but not every story is character-driven. Illustrators should know that a character who is “just there to drive the plot along” will not be the focal point of the book, explained Rachael Cole, art director at Schwartz and Wade Books. When characters drive the experience the audience will “get to know who they really are.”

Development of a convincing character is a monumental undertaking because it requires unwavering attention to many details as well as to the bigger picture. Cole offered tools to encourage illustrators to keep the focus on character. (more…)

Rachael Cole On The Art And Design Of Children’s Books

Originally Posted: Nov 25, 2009

by Melissa Guion

Ah, January in New York. The cold. The eternal dark. The F train that smells like a combination sheep shearing and fish fry. What could possibly lure a book artist out the door on such a night? How about free coffee, the friendly companionship of your colleagues and the chance to linger over the picture book dummies of a fellow illustrator? Gotcha!

On January 13th, Schwartz & Wade Senior Designer Rachael Cole arrived for the SCBWI New York Metro Tuesday Professionals Series with an armload of book material and enough good cheer to fill the Anthroposophical Society. Cole’s tone was disarming as she described her path to the prestigious imprint: “Most of my colleagues graduated, knew they wanted to go into freelance editorial or children’s illustration, and went into it. I had no idea what I wanted to do!” (more…)