Agents’ Panel 2017

The November 2017 Agents Panel, an annual event sponsored jointly by SCBWI-Metro NY and The New School’s creative writing department, featured three literary agents responding to questions about the author-agent relationship.

Panelists Molly O’Neill of Root Literary, Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency, and Brooks Sherman of Janklow & Nesbit discussed how writers can, as Sherman put it, “negotiate their transformation from artist into small-business owner.” The panel was moderated by SCBWI-Metro NY volunteer Adria Quinones.

SCBWI Agent Panel: Advice From The Experts!

Originally Posted: September 2013

by Kirstin Leigh

New York literary agents Jim McCarthy of Dystel & Goderich; Holly M. McGhee, founder and owner of Pippin Properties, Inc.; and Regina Brooks, founder and owner of Serendipity Literary Agency, discussed submissions and the book world at the agents panel in April. The most popular question from attendees was, “What makes you say yes to a writer’s manuscript?”

McGhee is drawn to “books that give something back and speak to my spirit.” McCarthy says, “There isn’t any one thing I’m desperate to find; it’s more of a feeling I’m chasing.” And Brooks knows she’s onto something when “the book just stays on my mind.” (more…)

Wisdom Of The Agents

Originally Posted: January 2013

by Emily Goodman

Three literary agents answered audience questions about the children’s publishing world at the annual Agents Panel of the Metro New York SCBWI professional lecture series, held on November 13, 2013.

John M. Cusick of Scott Treimel NY, Stephen Fraser of the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, and Rosemary B. Stimola of the Stimola Literary Studio gave advice on queries (“Don’t be clever; we’ve heard every joke a million times already” – Cusick), maintaining an online presence (“Write a great book! Then you can put on a beret” – Fraser), and picture books (“I’ve sold more picture books in the last year than in the five years before that” – Stimola), among other topics.


Query Writing – A Guide For The Anxious

Originally Published: Jan. 8, 2012

by Sarah Davies, Literary Agent

I toyed with much fancier titles for this post, but then decided to say it straight. What you want to know is how to write a great query and the whole process worries you sick, right?

Everyone else in the industry has blogged on this topic, so there’s no shortage of great advice around, but having just faced around 350 queries on my return from vacation, I’m weighing in with a few simple pointers.

Let’s start with the perfect (French) cup of coffee. Short, strong, elegant. Served in cup and saucer, and usually with tiny square of chocolate balanced alongside. (S*bucks, with your buckets of hot milk, please note.) The first thing to know about queries is that they’re not nearly as hard as you think, so lower your shoulders, breathe deeply and say, “I can do this!” (more…)