patrick collins

2013 Illustrator’s Boot Camp: Creating Characters

Originally Posted: September 2013

by Stephen Martin

There are many ways to draw a cat. It is the illustrator’s responsibility to take the author’s words and infuse that cat with traits and visual appeal to create a character that children will care for and relate to.

Patrick Collins, creative director at Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, started his morning master class by showing examples of illustrations in different styles, from the very realistic to the highly cartoony, and demonstrated how he put an illustrator’s characters and an author’s words together. (more…)

Drawing In A Crowd: Reviewing Portfolios With Patrick Collins

Originally Posted: Mar. 4, 2010

by Newsletter Staff

On January 12, 2010, at the SCBWI Tuesday Professional Series, Patrick Collins, the Art Director of Henry Holt, put everyone at ease with his relaxed, comfortable approach to portfolio reviews.

Conducting the reviews as if they were meeting one-on-one in Collins’ office instead of a crowded room, Collins started by getting to know each of the four illustrators, chosen from the audience by lottery.

Before looking at the portfolio, he asked the artists questions about what they’ve been working on, what they want to work on, and how they became interested in children’s book illustration. (more…)