Social Media Tips: Master Class with Debbie Ohi

IMG_2276by Annina Luck Wildermuth

Debbie Ridpath Ohi aka @DebbieOhi @inkyelbows and inkygirl, is not only a picture book author/illustrator but a Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram-mer extraordinaire. She gave a social media master class on February 16 for the Tuesday night professional series.

If You Build It, They Will Come: Launch Your Book W/Low-Cost Community Building & Online Marketing Initiatives

Originally Posted: September 2013

by Kristi Olson

Kellie Celia, marketing communications manager for Walden Media/Walden Pond Press, offered practical tips and advice for authors and illustrators on how to launch their own low-cost community building and online marketing campaign. Here are some highlights from her May Professional Series lecture: (more…)

Creating Picture Books In A Challenging And Changing Market

Originally Published: Jan. 8, 2012

By: Melanie Hope Greenberg

Clarion Editor Lynne Polvino, opened her talk for the November Tuesday Night Professional Series by asking the audience to think about their formative memories of the classic books they loved.  She suggested that we approach our careers as “a noble endeavor, an important and worthwhile undertaking, but one that is not easy. Creating and publishing a successful picture book takes a lot of work, practice, research, and honing of talent.”

She offered practical suggestions to navigate our noble endeavors into a published book. (more…)

School Visits: Getting Gigs And Delivering The Goods

Originally Published: Apr 2011

by Melanie Hope Greenberg

In February, the Tuesday Night Professional Series was privileged to have school visit expert and author Alexis O’Neill. She offered advice on how to land school visits and deliver quality programs once you are there.

O’Neill is a popular presenter who also writes the SCBWI Bulletin column “The Truth About School Visits.” With years of experience on a topic that has many varied nuances, O’Neill’s presentation instructed us on bookings, the necessary paperwork, arriving at the school and presenting, and all the logistics in-between. At the heart of the matter, O’Neill pointed out, is if you want to do school visits, “Get published first.” (more…)

Marketing To The Max

Originally Published: Sep. 9, 2010

by Janis Seminara

Susanna Reich, author and publicist, and Melanie Hope Greenberg, author and illustrator, are hands on, serious self-marketers, not afraid to contact whomever they need to get their books noticed. In their June 8th talk, they offered examples, tips, and advice on how to “market to the max.”

In today’s depressed economy, both feel that writers and illustrators need to market themselves more than ever. Reich has seen first hand a “publishing market that has been hard hit” in her work as a publicist at Raab Associates, Inc. She generously shared what this job has taught her about the world of public relations, illustrating the marketing lessons with incidents from her various careers which in addition to writer and publicist includes modern dancer and florist. (more…)

Marketing Is Storytelling: Susan Salzman Raab

Originally posted: Fri, May 8, 2009

by Sujata Shekar

“Marketing is storytelling,” said Susan Salzman Raab, President, Raab Associates, Inc., forging an instant bond with the authors and illustrators who had gathered to hear her speak at the SCBWI Metro New York Tuesday Professional Series event in October.

Raab has been in the book business for over 25 years. She founded Raab Associates in 1986 as an agency dedicated to promoting and marketing children’s books. Prior to founding the agency, Raab worked as publicity manager at Scholastic, Inc., publicist for juvenile books at Dell Publishing, and promotion associate for school and college books at Bantam Books. She serves as the Marketing Advisor to SCBWI and since 1994, has written the “To Market” column for SCBWI’s national Bulletin.

“What is marketing?” Raab began her speech with this fundamental question. She compared the process to creating a company and crafting a brand identity with the author as the CEO and the author’s books as the product line. Like any business owner, she said, an author must carve out a differentiated niche and take advantage of current trends that benefit his or her brand. Raab sees building an identity or public persona that is broader than a particular book or project as essential to creating context and an easily identifiable platform to potential buyers. Such an effort takes time. (more…)