jennifer laughran

Notes From A Literary Agent

Originally Published:  July 24, 2011

Jennifer Laughran is an agent with Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. The article below first appeared on her blog in May, 2011. For more information about her, check out her blog:

Q: People say when you’re researching agents, you should look at the acknowledgments of books like yours to find out who reps them. But yesterday I saw you tweet that sometimes books are “too similar” and you reject them for that reason. What gives?

Yes. You should find an agent who reps the type of books you write, has similar taste to yours, and seems to “get it.” This probably means doing research about some of your favorite writers and finding out who reps them.

But also yes, when you get right down to it, an agent’s list can really only have so many of one type of book before it starts getting boring and repetitive. And as far as specific plots and such, one will do. As @earthwards on twitter said, “Think complementary, not competing!” (more…)

A Night With Three Agents: 2010

Originally Published: Dec. 30, 2010

by Melanie Hope Greenberg

Children’s book agents Stephen Barbara, Jennifer Laughran, and Marietta Zacker addressed a full house at the November SCBWI Metro New York Tuesday Professional Series.

Stephen Barbara has been with the Foundry Agency for two years. Drawn to writing with a strong voice that blends commercial fiction with a literary slant, Barbara pointed to client Lauren Oliver’s debut novel, Before I Fall as an example of “writing that is beautiful and has a potential to sell lots of copies.” While he is open to novels in verse, he is not looking for manuscripts that are a collection of poems. For a series, Barbara said, “focus on one book at a time,” but you can include in your query that the book has “series potential” or is the “first in a series.” He pointed out that if your submission is not targeted to a specific agent at Foundry, it is unlikely that you will get a response. (more…)