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Passwords To Plot: The Secret Of Nancy Drew Mysteries

Originally Posted: March 6, 2010

by Emily Goodman

Author Chris Eboch discussed tools for fast-paced plotting in an information-packed talk called “What I Learned from Nancy Drew,” at the SCBWI-Metro New York Professional Series lecture on February 2, 2010.

Eboch, author of the Haunted series of middle grade ghost stories and other books, said the most important features of a plot are to get off to a fast start, to pack the middle full of action, and to use cliffhanger chapter endings.

“A fast start grabs the editor’s and reader’s attention and keeps them reading past page one,” said Eboch. She likes to start a book when the main problem is already under way, even if the main character doesn’t know it yet, and introduce the problem to solve as soon as possible. Then she works in the back story. (more…)