Scrivener For Beginners Workshop

by K. Marcus

I think Ernest Hemingway would have liked Scrivener. He rewrote his manuscripts from the beginning, every day or if they were longer, once per week. And he did this all with pen and paper.

On Saturday, January 9, 2016, at SCBWI Metro NY’s On the Road workshop in Westchester, young adult writer and aspiring author, Ghenet Myrthil, (pronounced Janae MIRTH-ul), @Ghenet, taught us how to make that process go more smoothly with Scrivener, an organizational word-processing program designed by aspiring novelist, Keith Blount – a self affirmed geek. (To read more about him and find additional information on Scrivener go to

Myrthil set our goals to learn how to create a new project, navigate the binder, insert scenes, use the corkboard/outline setting, navigate inspector and use full screen and split screen. Those are the basics. It was the last goal, split screen, that made me think of Hemingway. In split screen, there are two pages open, which allows you to see what you have written and then rewrite or make changes in a new document.

Scrivener screenshot no. 1

Scrivener has many other features to help with organization such as the corkboard which allows users to use index cards to aid in outlining.

Scrivener screencapture no. 2

The program also has an extensive Help section. For additional Scrivener help, use these resources on the web: > Tools for writers > Extras for writers
To download a free trial, go to   Scrivener is available for Mac and Windows.

NY Metro SCBWI Scriviner Workshop

K. Marcus is a children’s author currently working on a picture book about a wet dog. Tweet her at @kmarcuswrites.

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