Month: February 2016

There and Back Again: An Agent’s Tale

By Adria Quiñones

201601_JVolpeAgent Joanna Volpe, our January Professional Series speaker, likens a writer’s career to a long journey requiring a team to provide support along the way, just the way the fellowship of the Ring supported Frodo’s journey to Mordor in Tolkien’s books. She and the other members of her agency, New Leaf Literary & Media, are that team for their author and illustrator clients.


Scrivener For Beginners Workshop

by K. Marcus

I think Ernest Hemingway would have liked Scrivener. He rewrote his manuscripts from the beginning, every day or if they were longer, once per week. And he did this all with pen and paper.

On Saturday, January 9, 2016, at SCBWI Metro NY’s On the Road workshop in Westchester, young adult writer and aspiring author, Ghenet Myrthil, (pronounced Janae MIRTH-ul), @Ghenet, taught us how to make that process go more smoothly with Scrivener, an organizational word-processing program designed by aspiring novelist, Keith Blount – a self affirmed geek. (To read more about him and find additional information on Scrivener go to